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Getting Started


Do I have to have a licence?
Yes. You will need a Provisional Licence from the DVLA showing category "A" on it
Is there a guaranteed pass scheme for CBT?
No. The majority of candidates usually complete the course in one day paying only the standard rate. If another session is required this will be discussed on a personal basis.
Do I need to pass a theory test before attending for CBT?
No, but it is useful to have a good understanding of the highway code.
I have a driving licence for a car – do I need a CBT to ride a 50cc Moped?
If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 February 2001, you can ride a moped, but only if you complete a CBT course to confirm your full moped rights. You only need to do this once instead of repeating every two years – but keep the CBT certificate safe as it will be your only proof. Remember this only allows you to ride a 50cc moped – nothing larger. If you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 you don't need to complete a CBT course to ride a moped. However, we and the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) recommend that you do. If you want to ride a motorcycle you must apply for a provisional motorcycle licence and then complete a CBT
I am an EEC citizen residing in the UK. Will my car licence allow me to ride a bike?
No. Although full licences are exchangeable throughout the UK unless you have passed a motorcycle test in your own country, you will need to apply to the DVLA Swansea for a provisional category 'A' licence, before you commence training.
How long is a CBT course?
There is no set time to complete a CBT course however most people get through it in one day. Occasionally, a customer may need to come back for another days training, this will all depend on how well they get on.
I have never ridden before – is a CBT Course OK for me?
Yes, however we recommend that you take an I.T.M Course (Introduction to Motorcycling Course) before you attempt a CBT if you are unsure about motorcycling as this course is designed to give you confidence and ability and a good idea on whether or not motorcycling is for you. For those of you who wish to ride a manual bike (with a clutch and gears) not having ridden before, we recommend you take a Gear Conversion course before attempting a CBT.
I don’t have a bike or any gear, can I still attend?
Yes. We have loan bikes and mopeds, plus helmets, gloves and jackets, catering for small to extra large sizes. Full use of these are included in our standard price.
Can I train without the original copy of my driving Licence?
Sorry, but no. As the CBT course is a legal requirement and regulated by the DVSA, we have to see the original Licence
Can I fail the CBT?
No. The CBT teaches you the skills you need to be competent and safe on the road. You have to show that you have listened and learned and be able to demonstrate that you can ride safely.
I have not ever read the highway code – will you teach it to me on the day?
No – When you sign your Licence you are stating that you have read and understood the highway code. You don’t need to be an expert but you will need to know road signs and what the traffic rules mean.