CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

If you have never ridden a Motorcycle or Scooter before we strongly advise you book an I.T.M course (Introduction to Motorcycling Course) before attempting a CBT Course. You will not get any Certificate for completing an Introduction to Motorcycling Course; it is a course designed for beginners with no previous riding experience to develop confidence and ability on a Motorcycle or Scooter before attempting a CBT Course. The I.T.M course (Introduction to Motorcycling Course) is only to learn how to ride Automatic Bikes.

Choose a CBT course if you have never done a CBT course before & also if you have done a CBT course before but your CBT Certificate is “31 Days or more” past it’s “Date Of Expiry”.

You must be at least 16 years old

A Motorcycle or Scooter, Helmet, Gloves, Jacket & waterproofs are all included in the price of this course.

NOTE: If you passed your “Full UK Driving Test” before “February 2001” you are allowed to ride up to and including a 50cc Scooter without displaying L-plates and you are also allowed to carry passengers but if you wish to ride a Motorcycle over a 50cc and up to and including a 125cc then you must complete a CBT Course
 If you passed your “Full UK Driving Test” after “February 2001” then you must take a CBT Course to ride any size Motorcycle.

You will be required to bring with you to this course (with NO exceptions), your:

  • UK Provisional Licence or Full UK Driving Licence (Just the photo card) or EU Driving Licence that has been registered with the DVLA (the photo card along with all other corresponding DVLA documents). If you hold an “International Driving Licence” other than an “EU Licence” you must apply for a “UK Provisional Driving Licence” first, using the D1 form.
  • National Insurance Number (If you do not have a National Insurance Number you must get a CHECK CODE from the DVLA in order to do this course). We do not need to see the card, we just need the number.
  • Suitable clothing must be warn – Jeans, boots with ankle protection and a long sleeved top would be ideal – we recommend that you do not wear trainers (No shorts, skirts or flip flops)
  • You must be able to communicate with and understand the instructors in English


After taking this course you will be allowed to ride a:

. Moped or Scooter up to and including a 50cc (if you are 16 years old)

. Light Motorcycle or Scooter up to and including a 125cc (if you are 17 years old or over)

in either case you must:

  • Display clear L-plates on the front and back of your Motorcycle or Scooter
  • Not carry any passengers
  • Not go on Motorways

 The CBT Certificate (DL196) lasts for 2 years at which point you will have to Renew your CBT unless you’ve got your Full Motorcycle Licence (A, A1 or A2) by then.

If you wish to renew a CBT Certificate, it must be done within “30 days” of it’s “Date Of Expiry”. If you don’t renew your CBT Certificate within this “30 day period” then you will have to take a full CBT Course (this course) again. Please note that “after” your CBT Certificate expires, it is against the law to ride a motorcycle or scooter until your CBT Certificate has been renewed or if you have obtained a Full Motorcycle Licence by then. 

NOTE: If your CBT Certificate has expired but is still “within 30 days of it’s Date Of Expiry” then please choose the CBT Renewal Course


What is a CBT?

A CBT Course consists of 5 Elements:

Element A – Introduction to Motorcycle Safety Gear (Helmet, Gloves & Protective Clothing) 

Element B – Introduction to Motorcycles both Automatic and Geared (how the Motorcycles work, the mechanics of the Motorcycles & the controls such as; brakes & throttle)

Element C (Off-Road Element) – Pad work (Learning and performing specific manoeuvres such as; Figure Of Eight, U-Turn & Emergency Stop)

Element D – The Highway Code (All students MUST be able to demonstrate a strong knowledge and understanding of the latest edition of The Highway Code)

Element E (On-Road Element) – The Road Ride (If the Instructor feels that you are safe, can control the Motorcycle and have a good understanding of The Highway Code then you will be taken out on the road for this Final Element of the CBT Course)


All students MUST complete all of the 5 Elements above (in sequence) in order to receive a CBT Certificate (DL196). If you are not able to demonstrate that you can control a Motorcycle “safely” and “up to the required standard” or if you can not demonstrate that you “know and understand” The Highway Code and Road Signs then you WILL NOT be able to complete the Final Element (Element E) of this course and will have to come back for a 2nd visit in order to show that you have improved in the area or area’s where you were weak so that you can complete the course and obtain your CBT Certificate.


How long is the course?


CBT Courses usually last about 6 hours but there is no specific time frame for completing CBT Training. We run 2 CBT courses: 


The first course runs from 8:00am – 14:00pm and is available 7 days week

The second course runs from 10:00am – 16:00pm and is available 7 days week


The times shown above are to give you an indication of how long each course is, the course might last longer.

For a detailed overview of the CBT and its elements please follow the link below:


Eyesight if you wear glasses or contact lenses please bring them with you. You will be required to read a licence plate from a distance of 20.5 metres away and if you need glasses or contact lenses to do this then you will need to wear them throughout your training.

Licence Check – Do you hold a valid UK Driving Licence – Provisional/Full with Category “A” listed on the back with valid dates? if not, please apply for a licence and/or category A entitlement.

If you hold an International Driving Licence (other than an EU Licence), you will need to apply for a U.K Provisional Driving Licence first using the D1 form.

D1 https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence

Everything other than a CBT on a moped you will need Category A.

If you hold a Foreign Licence (within the EU) and have not yet applied for a U.K Driving Licence Number; please fill out the online form below and wait to receive your U.K Driving Licence Number before booking your CBT as this is required on the day.

Your UK Driving Licence Number is usually received within three weeks.

(You are permitted to drive on UK roads for up to 6 months with a Foreign Licence after which you must take a CBT to continue to ride within the UK.)

D9 – https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms

Age – Are you 16 and over?

Highway code – CBT requires all students to have an understanding of the Highway Code and road signs before being taken on the road.

English speaking – If you require a translator or you think you may have issues understanding your instructor please contact us prior to booking as special adjustments may need to be made. All of our courses are taught in English.

General advice – if you are unable to ride or have never ridden a bicycle we advise learning to ride one prior to commencing your CBT.

Clothing We supply everything you need included in the price (Helmet, Gloves, Jacket and a Motorcycle or Scooter)

We ask you wear suitable clothing on the day including a Pair of Jeans and footwear with ankle protection (boots rather than trainers). If you have all the latest proper gear even better!

Already have a motorcycle? – If you wish to use your own bike you must remember to bring the following:

– Original insurance cover note or certificate

– Valid MOT certificate if your bike is older than 3 years

– Valid “Road tax”

– The bike must display clear L-plates at both the front and the rear