A1 / A2 / DAS

A1, A2 & A-DAS

For all bookings please visit the "Booking" section of this website. Availability, payment and Terms & Conditions will all be discussed over the phone.

A Motorcycle, Fuel, Helmet, Gloves, Jacket and Waterproofs are all provided within the fees quoted.

You will be required to bring with you (with no exceptions), your:

. UK Provisional or Full UK Driving Licence (Just the photo card) or an EU Driving Licence that has been registered with the DVLA (the photo card along with all other corresponding DVLA documents).
. Current "valid" CBT certificate - The CBT Certificate must be 100% valid showing all of the correct details and it "must be in date".
. Motorcycle Theory Test Pass Certificate - you can not sit your MOD 1 and MOD 2 practical exams until you have passed a Motorcycle Theory Test.

. Suitable clothing must be warn - Jeans, boots with ankle protection and a long sleeved top would be ideal - we recommend that you do not wear trainers (No shorts, skirts or flip flops)
. You must be able to communicate with and understand the instructors in English.

NOTE: All students must pass a Motorcycle Theory Test before commencing training.

You can book your Motorcycle Theory Test here: https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

Full Motorcycle Licence and Practical Exam Information:

A1 - Full Motorcycle Licence
At 17 years old you can take the Category 'A1' Motorcycle test. This means taking your Module One & Two Tests on a 125cc Motorcycle. Once passed, you will have a Full Motorcycle Licence for bikes no bigger than 125cc.

A2 - Full Motorcycle Licence
At 19 years old you can take the Category 'A2' Motorcycle test. This means taking your Module One & Two Tests on a minimum of a 395cc Motorcycle. Once passed you will be restricted to a Motorcycle or Scooter with a maximum power output of 47bhp. After you have held this Licence for 2 years or when you reach 24 years of age (which ever comes first) you can then take the Module One & Two Tests again on a minimum of a 595cc Motorcycle to get your Full Unrestricted 'A' Licence.

A-DAS - Full Motorcycle Licence
At age 24 you can take a DAS course (Direct Access Scheme). This means taking your Module One & Two Tests on a minimum of a 595cc Motorcycle or Scooter. Once you pass you will have a Full Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence and will be able to ride any size Motorcycle or Scooter you want.

Module One includes the following manoeuvres:
• Wheeling the Scooter or Motorcycle around and using the stand.
• Doing a slalom and Figure Of Eight
• Riding in a slow straight line.
• U-turn as if on a public road.
• Cornering and Controlled Stop
• High speed cornering (32mph) and the Emergency Stop.
• High speed cornering (32mph) and Hazard Avoidance Swerve

Module One takes place on a safe "Off-Road" area called a Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area. The layout of the area will vary depending on where you take your test.

What happens during the Module Two Test?
The Module Two Test is the "On-Road" Module and typically takes around 30 to 40 minutes. You must bring all of the documents you had to bring to the Module One Test (both parts of your Driving Licence, your CBT & Theory Test Pass Certificates plus your Module One Pass Certificate). You must take the Module Two Test on the same Category Motorbike or Scooter that you took your Module One Test on. This Module includes:
• The Eyesight test (reading a number plate from a distance of 67ft /20.5m).
• Motorcycle or Scooter safety questions and balancing and carrying a passenger safety questions.
• Independent riding section.
• On road riding element.



The eyesight test.

The examiner will ask you to read the number plate on a parked vehicle to test your eyesight, just like your Instructor did on the CBT course. If you fail the test, your on road riding test won’t continue.


Road riding element.

You’ll ride in a variety of road and traffic conditions. You’ll be asked to carry out:

  • Normal stops (Pulling into the kerb).
  • An angle start (Pulling out from behind a parked vehicle).
  • A hill start.
  • Riding on higher speed limit roads.
  • Independent riding (Following road signs instead of verbal directions).


The motorbike examiner will give you directions using a radio. They will normally follow you on another motorcycle but may also follow you in a car if they have no bike available which is very rare.


Independent riding section of the riding test.

Your riding test will include around 10 - 15 minutes of independent riding. This is designed to assess your ability to ride safely while making decisions independently. Instead of giving you directions of where to turn you will be asked to “follow the signs for….”


At the end of the module two test.

At the end of your module two test, the examiner will ask you a few questions on carrying a pillion passenger and performing checks on your motorcycle before giving you the result and feedback. If you pass, the examiner will explain to you how to change your provisional licence into a full licence or offer to send it off for you.